Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Dino clips will I need for my desk size?
Most desks will need a clip at 400mm intervals. You can use more or less if you wish! If you have a 1500mm desk, three to four clips should be fine.

How many cables will fit in a Dino clip?
You can comfortably fit about 10 power leads into the closed loop and a few thinner cables on the hook.

My desk is only 20mm thick, will the Dino clip still work?
We designed the clip with a range of desk thicknesses in mind. While 25-35mm is the design range, some of our customers with 20mm thick desks have still been able to successfully use the clips without any issues.

Are you planning on adding more colours to the range?
Yes! We are thinking about which colours are on trend. If you’ve got any suggestions, please message us.

I want to fit out my office with Dino clips, do you have a bulk price?
Of course! Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Who wouldn’t want their office fit out to include the simplicity of this design?

What material are the Dino clips made of?
Acetyl, a fully recyclable plastic that can take some serious force!

Can I stock the Dino clips in my retail store? 
Of course! We would love to allow your customers to buy these from your shop front. Get in touch and we can work out an approved distribution arrangement.

Will the Dino clips damage the surface?
While we take great care in providing you with a product that is value for money and effective in its design, we can’t be sure that it will not damage every surface they are clipped to. The intended use for the Dino clip is on a standard, commercially available desk top including laminated surfaces. If you wish to use the clip for any other purpose we may not be able to assure you that the surface will remain preserved, and are not liable for claims in this regard.