Our story

It was a scenario experienced by many Australians in 2020: packing up your office and working from home.

While thankful he could continue working through the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott Thompson’s plans were thrown into a spin.

Having just started a new job a week before the virus struck, Scott now had to juggle his multimedia production role with parenting his two young children, all within the confines of his house. 

The last thing he needed was a home office that was a sea of messy cables: power cables, USB cables, microphone cables, video cables, keyboard cables, mouse cables...

That's when inspiration struck.

Let down by commercial cable management systems that were too expensive, too finicky or required more tools than a house extension, Scott came up with the Dino clip.

What started as an ingenious idea has now turned into a reality after an 18 month design and manufacture process.

Simple, safe, and not requiring glue or tools to install, the Dino clip is an effective but easy to use cable management system that will tidy up the busiest offices. 

“I knew from my experience setting up a home office that there had to be an easier way to manage all the cables I needed for my workspace,” Scott said.

“The Dino clip does that, all while avoiding the pitfalls of other cable management systems on the market, which are costly and complex to install. 

“Once I had the idea for the Dino clip, turning it into an actual product became my passion project and something I am proud to have self-funded all the way through its development.” 

The Dino clip went through many prototypes along the way, from early models made with bent wire coat hangers to 3D-printed efforts.

Keen to support other local businesses and ensure a steady supply chain in uncertain times, Scott turned to a local manufacturer to help turn his dream to reality.

With a nod to sustainable and eco-friendly design and manufacture, the Dino clip is single-piece injection moulded and made from a durable recyclable plastic that will keep shape when installed on any desktop.

Once testing was finalised, the Dino clip reached patent pending status and the Dino name was trademarked in Australia and New Zealand.

Available from the dinoproducts.com website, all Dino clip orders packed and sent from Scott’s home office - all with the help of his young daughter.

“To keep everything as eco-friendly as possible, the post packs are home compostable and most come in recycled cardboard packaging,” Scott said.

“Every part of my house has boxes with something Dino related in it, from the garden shed to wardrobes, but my assistant is excited to help me pack parcels and fulfill customer orders.”

on the horizon

Scott sees a bright future for the Dino brand, with the Dino clip just the first of many cable management devices he hopes to take to market.

While selling via his online store in Australia for now, he intends to take the Dino clip to the world in the near future.  

“This is not just aimed at the Australian market. It is a truly universal design that I think will benefit people setting up their home offices, or even bigger businesses that are looking for OHS solutions for their workers that are based at home,” he said.

“We’re also looking to distribute the Dino clip through office and hardware supply stores, and I’m already developing a range of complementary products to add to the Dino range.

“The dream is to eventually turn the Dino brand into a full-fledged business; hiring locals to manage sales, logistics and sending out orders.

“But in the meantime, I’m excited to kick-start the Dino business from the very home office where the idea for the Dino clip was born.”