About Us

From Australia with Love

We are a small design team with a big dream. The changing workplace environment presents a great opportunity to build the best cable management solutions for everyone.

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Our Mission

Dino is on a bold mission to revolutionise the way you organise your space so that you can spend less time tidying and more time on what’s important to you.

Long gone are the days where unnecessarily complex cable management systems ruled the market. We strive to have our name become synonymous with a unique, forward-thinking approach to organisation. Our no-adhesive and tool-free cable management devices aim to be both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, emphasising meticulous design and a clear purpose for each piece. With our commitment to local manufacturing, we’re set on avoiding common supply chain challenges while supporting the local economy and job creation in Brisbane. Dino is committed to a 100% sustainable offering, which is why our products are designed to be eco-friendly and robust so you can avoid waste and use your Dino products for as long as you love them. We’re dedicated to continuously evolving our product line to remain at the cutting edge of our industry and consistently invest in empowering our team to fulfil our goal of offering exceptional service to each of our loyal customers.

Our Vision

As we grow forward and increase our market share, Dino will become an industry leader in home and office organisation.

We envision our products becoming the first choice for customers in various spaces, from homes and offices to hospitals, schools, and everywhere in between. With a fast-growing product line, we’re looking forward to introducing new innovations to the market that maintain our quality and sustainability standards and that are made to last. We’re most excited about building a powerful customer base who will be the backbone of our company as we move forward and expand business globally, becoming a household name. Though we envision growth for our business, we stand by our commitment to local design and manufacturing and strive to continue to find simple, innovative and unique solutions for decluttering that stand the test of time.

Our Core Values

Sustainable Solutions

Dino takes our commitment to sustainability seriously by prioritising ethical production and disbursement methods. Our revolutionary cable management solution is created with Acetyl, one of the fully recyclable plastics available. We choose to make our products durable enough to stand up to even the most demanding environments, resulting in less waste and, ultimately, more pressure off landfills. In addition, whenever we can we choose packaging for shipping that is home compostable, creating a sustainable, eco-friendly product experience.  

Keeping it Simple

Often, the most simple designs are the most effective, and Dino’s range proves just that. Many of the other cable management options on the market today are needlessly complex and require adhesive, screws, or other extraneous attachments. Dino set out to be different on purpose, not only to set us apart in the market but also to be the most user-friendly, efficient solution available for our valued customers.  

Innovative Approach

At the time of our inception, we knew that in order to carve our niche in our industry, we would need to make something bold yet uncomplicated that would solve a real problem in a straightforward, tangible way. Dino is the epitome of 21st century innovation, with an emphasis on our range being a place where impeccable form meets seamless function. Our commitment to innovation drives our brand forward and keeps us at the forefront of contemporary product design as we grow. And we do our best to patent this innovation.

Pioneering Spirit

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, we take every opportunity we can to leverage our unique take on organisation to offer customers something completely different from anything else they’ve seen. When we started Dino, we pledged to forge our own path and never settle for the status quo. We strive to carve out a place for ourselves as industry leaders and hope to encourage other brands to develop and evolve their offerings accordingly with a view to transforming the standard over time.

Local Impact

We’re committed to keeping our design and manufacturing process local. While Dino’s range is made to be enjoyed around the globe, we’re passionate about building our local economy and contributing to job creation by using local manufacturers who are just as committed to maintaining exceptional standards as we are.

A Commitment to Excellence

With our customers’ best interests at the heart of everything we do, we remain committed to providing outstanding service and customer support. We invest in the health and happiness of our staff so that they can give their best and ensure that each customer who comes in contact with our brand knows that they can expect the same excellent service every time they return.